InfoSecurity 2019: Majority of Exhibitors Unprotected Against Email Fraud

June 13, 2019

It’s no surprise that email is still the most common method used by cyber criminals to gain access to confidential information. Phishing uses well-known and trusted domains to trick individuals into thinking the email is real when it is, in fact, fake.

At InfoSecurity 2019, a research study revealed that of the 401 exhibitors, roughly 13% have DMARC employed fully to successfully stop phishing emails right away. This is extremely concerning considering the remaining exhibitors have DMARC either failing at one level or not implemented at all. Furthermore, the research reveals that 46% do not have DMARC employed, 22% have implemented DMARC but only at a monitoring level which still allows malicious emails through to the inbox, and 19% have tried implementing DMARC but failed to do so successfully.

To read the full article posted by Davey Winder of SC Media, please click here.

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