Majority of top 100 Law Firms Operate with ZERO DMARC Policy in Place

January 19, 2019

250ok released a report earlier this year, DMARC Adoption Among the Top 100 Law Firms, in which it was revealed that “more than half of top global law firms (62%) use no DMARC policy to protect their clients and employees.” Likewise, 100 top-level domains controlled by the top 100 law firms were also reviewed and analyzed by 250ok, and they found that only 38% use a DMARC policy to protect their email recipients.

According to a 2017 survey by DomainTools, 2 in 5 US consumers still fall victim to phishing attacks regardless of phishing scams being the most recognizable scam, and 91% of cyber attacks start because of phishing emails. In this day and age, cyber criminals are becoming more sophisticated in their attacks, so having zero DMARC policy is extremely dangerous.

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