Nearly All 2020 Presidential Candidates Aren’t Using a Basic Email Security Feature

May 01, 2019

Without the use of DMARC, nearly all 2020 presidential candidates “risk their campaigns being impersonated in spam campaigns and phishing attacks,” states Agari.

In 2016, Russia successfully hacked Hilary Clinton’s presidential campaign. Though presidential candidates are expected to step up their security protocols by 2020, it’s been reported that nearly all of the candidates are currently lacking proper email security.

Agari recently confirmed that only one of 2020’s presidential candidates uses DMARC, whereas the remaining 11 do not. In order to properly secure campaigns, it is essential that the remaining candidates adopt DMARC.

Moreover, there has been a rise in DMARC adoption in Fortune 500 companies since the beginning of 2019. Agari reports that 16% of the worlds richest companies are set up at the reject or quarantine DMARC level. That’s an eight percent rise from two years ago.

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