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DMARC is a crucial authentication tool that stops spammers and phishers from using company domains to carry out dangerous cyber attacks. By providing insight and analysis, DMARC reduces the chances that your company domain will be used in a malicious attack. Below, we’ve compiled helpful resources that provide additional info for individuals looking to enhance an organization’s email security posture. We intend to continue to expand the resources library, and welcome relevant info from interested partners that wish to contribute to the community knowledge base. If you have additional questions that aren’t addressed below, check out the FAQ page on

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Featured Resources

The Facts About Email Fraud

Email fraud is a pervasive problem affecting business around the world. Don’t fall victim to phishing and malware. Instead, get the facts.
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How Does DMARC Work?

Setting up DMARC on your mail server is relatively easy if you follow these steps. Download the infographic to see how.
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All You Need to Know about DMARC

Implementing DMARC is an essential step to ensure your business data and your brand are protected against phishing attacks.
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DMARC Eurovision Project

We start our DMARC Eurovision project in the very heart of Europe: .at (Austria 🇦🇹) and .hu (Hungary 🇭🇺) are our first...

GCA DMARC Bootcamp

We are sorry but registration is now closed for the DMARC Bootcamp, which kicked off on September 9th. However, please stayed tuned...

80 Percent of Companies Leave Consumer Data Vulnerable

250ok released their report on Global DMARC Adoption 2019. The report reveals that 79.9% of domains analyzed have no DMARC policy implemented. ...

GCA Partners with DMARC360

The Global Cyber Alliance is happy to announce our partnership with DMARC360, a Bahrain-based technology startup company that utilizes DMARC implementation to...

InfoSecurity 2019: Majority of Exhibitors Unprotected Against Email Fraud

It's no surprise that email is still the most common method used by cyber criminals to gain access to confidential information. Phishing...

Phishing Prevention: The Art of Getting it Wrong

"It is 2019, we are still being phished and we are not learning from it. Why is this?" Organizations are still at...

The Computer Repair Podcast #322 – DMARC

"If you have a public domain, whether you're using it for email or not, you should have DMARC in place," says GCA's...

Presidential Campaigns Take First Steps in Fight Against Fake Email

Valimail analyzed the U.S. Presidential campaigns and found that most are still vulnerable to spoofing. Twelve out of 23 candidates are not...

Financial Firms Are Prime Email Phishing Targets, Valimail Study Finds

Valimail conducted a study in March where they found that financial firms are starting to become big targets for cyber criminals, and...

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